How To Style Your Room With Console Table?

Have you bought a new console table at home? Well, then you must now start the styling mission. When it comes to styling surfaces around the house, console tables can be the most attention seeking, and thus, steal the spotlight from the entire room decor. They are in fact so important as they are usually located in the entryway, where a good first impression is crucial. So let's get ready to make that first impressional good by doing the below-mentioned steps.


Display Classic On-Theme

To style the console table you can take florals that reflect the artwork and place them on the wall right above the console table. This is the ultimate way to get some art to life. Along with the floral art, on the console table, you can place a nice flower vase arranged with scented flowers. The contrast between playful elements like these and the classic furniture is just very refreshing.


Place It In Dining Room

Another great place for the console table is the dining room. Along with bringing a classy look to the room, it also gives you an extra spot for additional plating and florals. You can also consider adding a lamp for extra lighting that's stylish and kind of trending these days for a cozy vibe.


Slide A Table

You can also style the console table by sliding down a bench under the console table.

A bench can perfectly fit under the console table tucked away when not in use to keep that walkway clear. Above the table you can place a mirror that looks well styled and can be very attention-seeking, this setup can be perfect for space under the staircase.


Perks With Two-tier Console Table

You can get a double tire console table as this can add some extra perks to your room. how/ you can keep table books or magazines on the second shelf while the top shelf can be designated to the essentials, like a lamp or a catch-all for keys. You can also place a tilted mirror, this can help in giving you a fast touch-up on yourself while leaving.


Stack It Up

Simple and easy, you can stack up the books or keep a mug of coffee and relax in the evening chill. It's surprisingly stylish and keeps things organized. Moreover, you make use of the top of the console table as a tray for bar essentials, especially at the home, office, or living room.


Final word

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