Tips Of Decorating Side And Center Tables

Diwali, the largest festival in India, is finally here! Everyone is indulging in buying things for the home and searching for ideas for decorating the home. Well, you have landed in the right place, as you will find all that you need to do for shining your home brightest this Diwali. Here are some tips you can refer to and follow.

Follow The Tips:

  1. As you know that it's a festival season the furniture companies would have launched their latest collection of furniture with lots of offers. So buy side tables online or you can even buy the center tables online with classy to trendy styles. There is also a jean center table in a golden color that you can find on well-known furniture store's websites. You will get these tables in a very budget-friendly amount. Place them properly, between or behind the sofa, and get ready to decorate them.

  2. Now that you have placed the table correctly, it's time for placing items rightly on them. Diyas being the most important part of the Diwali festival, it's necessary to place them. However, not in an ordinary way. Center table being the main focus of attraction of the room, place some wooden streets or lamps and place the diyas inside them. There are many beautiful Diya stands available at the stores that you can place over the table. With that, you can also place a kettle set or flower vase or jar filled with fairy lights in it. Although people usually hang them outside, along with hanging them outside you can use this method. You can repeat the same with side tables.

  3. Sofa and cushion cover setting is important. Bring home ethnic covers of bright colors and increase the spirit of the place. These vibrant colors and settings are very much in trend for taking the aesthetic of home to a whole new level.
  4. Not to forget the Rangoli. Diwali is incomplete without a beautifully designed rangolis. Colorful and bright rangolis with diyas placed all around it creates different festive vibes and catches everyone's attention visiting your home.

  5.  Search for out of box DIY ideas for diyas and place them on your Jean center table in golden color. Or if you have the side table search for DIY ideas for placing the mirrors or paintings on the wall above the side table. You cannot imagine how beautiful it looks.

Now that you have got the tips on how to decorate the home for this Diwali, get started without wasting any more time. Finally wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali with you and your family. May this Diwali your home shine as brightest as promised in the tips given above. Get started now!

Final Word

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